Life in Color

by Sowing Seasons

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released July 22, 2016

Aaron Locklear: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Austin Riddle: Lead Guitar
Jill Berry: Bass
Austin Dingess: Drums

Recorded/Engineered: Andrew Karpovck at ABKA Studios



all rights reserved


Sowing Seasons Winter Haven, Florida

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Track Name: Found
I've been making all of the same mistake
The voices in my head will one day lead me
Out of these boundaries where words can be so hard to find
Out of this darkness and hopefully out of my mind
And you said if I gave it all to you then to your word you would stay true But I could never lay down my pride
And now these things are changing and I see you rearranging
Giving me a new beginning in life

You're the one thing I can hold on to
All this time I should have looked to you
I've got no fear when I hear you say I won't change

Under the weight I went blind
Now my addictions are refined

You've been waiting for such a long time now
I've been searching now I'm finally found
Track Name: Fog
All these fake smiles and crooked lines
Accomplishments and wasted time
They are all hiding noise inside
Covering bags beneath their eyes
From those sleepless nights, I know
What it takes to show
The war you're waging in your mind

Cannonballs are inevitable to me now
Crashing down to destroy what I have rebuilt
This rotating earth has left me in the dirt
But I'm not staying there this time

I cannot hide my fears away
The way everyone does, they're all the same
These distractions are pulling me
Into the fog where I can't see
Track Name: Better Weather
My brother, I still thank God you chose to fight
In your room you stared right through each never ending night
Without you the world would spin right out of time
You stuck it out for three more years and now you finally find

Your wife in her white dress on the aisle
Looked up at you and then she smiled
She looked so beautiful
And now you wake up to your kids
In the backyard on the swing set
Having the best day of their lives yet
I knew you, I knew you, I knew you had it in you

I think of all those times, we stayed out late at night
I had never seen you cry
But now it brings tears to your eyes
To think of what you would have missed
If you had thrown the towel in

You said you owe it all to him
And the promises he made
Now you live to show them there's a way
Show them there's a better way to sleep at night

You gotta hold on, it won't last forever
Keep looking ahead it's all better weather
I know you, I know you, I know you have it in you
Track Name: Riptide
These four walls are hollowed and empty
Causing this riptide to keep on repeating
It's pulling me under
And I miss when the coast was clear
Currents drag me down
If I fight I'll drown
I'll just slip away into the sound

Take it slow
Let's lose this city while we lose control
Lost in the music
Lets drive till the night ends
Memories are made to be loud

When boredom sinks in
I start asking questions
Thinking myself into apprehension
But maybe next time if I play my cards right
I'll take control of my life
Now I can't take it
My hearts breaking
I don't wanna think about you

I'll admit I had it coming
That night on your front porch
But I don't think you ever knew me
There's no time to keep score
If its all for show
I want you to know
You will never keep me down